2010 Pontiac Vibe engine fan cycling on and off when AC mode is selected

I have a 2010 vibe FWD with the 1.8 motor and 4 speed auto. It has 128,000 miles. It was a recent purchase as a backup vehicle. Lately I’ve noticed the engine fan cycling on and off when the ac mode is selected. However, at the max ac speed (4) the engine fan runs continuously. In the other speeds (1,2 and 3) the fan keeps cycling on and off. I turned off the AC and the fan stops. Is something up? I can’t hear since I am Deaf but I can feel the idle speed change as well as the rpm jump. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I do believe that is normal but it is still cold here. The fan is normally activated with the ac to provide more cooling of the engine. It could cycle on and off then depending on the engine temp.

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Is the AC clutch also cycling on and off?

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The fan is suppose to run constantly while the AC is on.

It sounds like the the fan control module is faulty.


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Is this something that can DIY? Where is this located?

The module is located on the fan assembly.

You can see it on the left side of the fan assembly in this image.


I don’t know what your skill level is, so I can’t say.


If it involves any splicing/soldering for the fan module relay replacement, I don’t have any skills in that.

Have someone who isn’t deaf check that the AC compressor isn’t also cycling on and off with the fan. Does selecting fan speeds 1 through 3 change the rate of cycling?

When the AC is on speeds 1-3, the cooling fan cycles on and off. When the AC is on max speed 4, the fan doesn’t turn off. Does that make sense?

The cooling fan operation is based on the pressure in the A/C high pressure line/condenser. When the demand is high: high blower speed, the A/C pressure is high and the computer will keep the cooling fan on.

One fan is for engine cooling,

This fan can turn on and off depending on the engine coolant temperature.

The condenser fan ( the one you’re referring to), operates when the AC is turned on.

This fan is what removes the heat from the AC condenser so the refrigerant can condense and convert from a high pressure gas into a high pressure liquid.


Ok without reading everything it sounds like it can either turn on and off based on engine temp or stay on? Two fans. One stays on and the other cycles? I’m getting confused.

There’s only one fan in front of the engine. So I would assume the fan has different duties.