2010 Nissan Altima engine problems

Have a 2.5S with less than 65,000 miles with engine problems. Burning oil and sounds like it’s grinding up something. Has been serviced regularly. Haven’t found info on this problem for this particular year. Any clues?

How much are you adding per 1,000 miles? Is the check engine light on? If so do you know what the codes are (ie PXXXX)? Where does the grinding sound like it’s coming from? Does it happen when the car is in motion/stopped/when turning/etc?

It’s my daughter’s car. She didn’t get any warning lights. The car sounds bad as soon as you start it up - initially thought it was an exhaust system issue. Car has gotten noisier and noisier over time &, since she has been taking it for servicing, they just told her it’s now burning oil & engine needs to be replaced. They’re putting oil in it all the time just so she can drive short distances.

Ask your daughter if the engine has always been kept at the correct oil level or if it’s been run low.

She takes it for servicing every 6 months, so I’m thinking the oil was tended to properly, especially with the low mileage. Problem now is damage has been done somehow (?) & is only recourse to replace engine? Doesn’t seem fair at all.

As oil change intervals have been extended, this is happening more. With 3000 mile oil changes many people thought their cars didn’t burn any oil because they didn’t add any oil between changes and the oil didn’t drop low enough to cause engine damage. With longer drain intervals it is important to have a regular routine for checking the oil level. My owners manual suggests once a month and that seems about right if your car isn’t burning much oil. Low oil destroys engines.

She is long out of warranty and I am not aware of an unusual number of failures for these engines so I would not expect much help from Nissan. Any discount they would give you would just be pure kindness on their part.

Taking it for servicing has nothing to do with checking the oil regularly.


You need to find out if she checks the oil level . how often and if she even knows how to do it. Also if this was used purchase the damage may be due to previous non care.

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Thank you, & everyone else, for info regarding checking the oil. Lesson learned.

Something to keep in mind is that the vast majority of engine or transmission problems are caused by not checking the fluid level and allowing it to run low or by not changing the oil/fluid often enough.

You say 6 month services. Depending upon a dozen different factors that may not be often enough.