2010 Mercury Milan tool light

Driving an my tool light came on an my car was jerking an had no guts to go my car is 2010 mercury milan I had the a/c belt fixed like one week ago an I just got out Friday an yesterday it started doing like it wanted to stop I don’t know about cars once again no car I’m so mad

Why are you mad?
Your twelve year old car is telling you “have me repaired”. It is currently in ‘limp mode’. Absolutely nothing to do with your
AC belt.


Since you do not know anything about cars, ask friends and co workers which independent mechanics they like and trust. Take your car to one of those shops and have it fixed. The car is 11-12 years old, things break, things need to be maintained, just the nature of owning a car.


I presume the “tool light” on the dashboard is the same as what is usually called the “check engine light”. If so, that light means there are diagnostic codes stored in the engine computer’s memory. Those codes are what helps the mechanic to diagnose and repair your car. If you can figure out what those codes are, you can post them here and get some add’l ideas. Then at least you’ll be able to carry on an intelligent conversation w/your shop. Your shop can read those codes for you, or an auto parts store may be able to print them out for you, possibly no charge for that service. No harm asking. That’s your best path to a solution.

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how old is your battery? if your battery is bad it will cause these problems.