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2010 Mazda6 2.5L

Recently I had to replace some tires and get an alignment. Last page of my invoice was put recommended services. I went to a large national tire chain. Recommendations on my vehicle w/48000 mikes:

  1. Replace half shaft, front both, New cv axle (2)
  2. Ties rtods 1 each. Replace inner tie rod.
    What’s the deal here; at 48K miles?

Imagine me raising my hand in class . I have the answer - Get a second opinion and you will know if you really need the work. And if you do have it done soon so you won’t crash . Something like this can’t be judged oner the web and mileage has nothing to do with it.

I am going to see my mechanic today for a second opinion.

They up-sell, up-sell and… Did I say UP-sell?? I am shocked they didn’t suggest to grease your muffler bearings and re-fill your blinker fluid. National chains operate this way.


Your car probably has one or more torn cv boots . . . that would be why the shop wants to sell you cv axle shafts

Your inner tie rod may be worn out . . . just because you only have 48K miles doesn’t mean things can’t yet wear out

You may want to get a second opinion, though