2010 Logan loses temporary loses power, unresponsive to throttle

I have a Renault Logan 2010, 95K km. Today, after driving in city traffic for more than an hour, and accelerating off a red light, the car bogged down down to idle rpm ( about 800) and lost power. As much as a pressed the accelerator, there was no reaction. After about 15-20 seconds, it suddenly started responding again and drove normally. The power loss episodes happened every 10 mins or so until I got home. I found that pumping the clutch a couple of times (while under load/in gear) it would become responsive again.

Most of the people on this site live in the US or Canada and there have not been any Renaults sold here for many many years. Unless you count the Nissan Versa.

All right oldtimer_11. I appreciate the response