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2010 Lexus RX 450h - Clicks

When operating my vehicle I’m experiencing a clicking noise that appears to be coming from somewhere under my vehicle. I experience the same clicking noise only when my vehicle is just about to come to a complete stop and once again as I accelerate to go. These are the only times I hear the clicks (sounds like a switch of some kind turning on and off - Click/Click) and they happen at every stop and go during my operating of my vehicle. I’m also experiencing a noise that appares to be located in the under area equal to my back seats/trunk that sounds equal to when leave an item in your trunk that rolls around. "This I only happens once my vehicle comes to a full stop , sounds like “Thunk” and feels like a little there is some slight movement that’s happening with the sound. Any Thoughts as to what these could be caused by???

Without eyes, hands and ears on the car it is nearly impossible to guess. The clunk seems like it would be easier to find than the click. You really need to have a mechanic spend a little time under the car on a lift looking for the problem.