2010 Kia Sportage - Quit running

car lost power then quick running

I assume you mean “quit” running. It could be any number of things. A failed fuel pump or broken timing belt comes to mind but I’m no mechanic. Have it towed to a good independent shop for a proper diagnosis.


Or, maybe a bad crankshaft position sensor, or–as you stated–any number of other things when a vehicle is 12 years old. Perhaps the OP could tell us if the Check Engine Light–or any other warning lights–came on when the car lost power.

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To a shop you tow… the times when I have been left high and dry included crank sensor, fuel pump, timing chain and some other mishaps. So you check spark, fuel pressure and go from there.

If you are lucky, it is the Theta II engine bearing failure and Kia would give you a new engine under the class action lawsuit. That is if you have had the knock sensor update done.