2010 Kia Forte keeps blowing the clutch

I have a Kia forte coupe. It keeps blowing the clutch. When I am driving on the highway, at about 50 mph, black smoke comes out of the front of the car and the clutch blows.

how many times has this happened, having the clutch replaced? how many miles on the car and at which points did the clutches burn out?

Its not related but there is a class action lawsuit against Kia Canada for defective 2.0 L engine found in the Forte 2010-2015 model year.

Do you rest your left foot on the clutch pedal? If so, stop it. No other ideas as to cause because your description of the problem is inadequate for any other guesses.

When the clutch was replaced was the pressure plate also replaced? If not, it should have been.

Also, a warped or burnt flywheel can take out a new clutch.

Also not known is whether or not there was any free play in the clutch pedal when this happened.