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2010 Jeep Liberty electrical trouble

My 2010 Jeep Liberty is having some sort of electrical problem. All of the warning lights on the dash light up all at once, and the wipers and headlights come on. This happening everyday now. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

problem with body control module?

doesn’t mopar refer to it as TIPM . . . totally integrated power module?

Check the alternator output voltage for excessive AC ripple voltage.

This occurs with the ignition switch Off? If so…this is not a good thing. I would blame the dash lights on a faulty ignition switch, but the headlights and wipers have their own separate controls and I don’t think the engine computer sits between the switch and those device in this instance… However I could be wrong about that…if the computer IS in between those items… I would start there. Unplug and re-plug the computer back in once or twice for starters, but…

I still feel the computer isn’t in control of those devices however… Perhaps I need to look that one up?