2010 Jeep Compass - ticking sound

My 2010 Jeep Compass has started a sort of ticking sound that is loud like if you muffler was lose and rattling .But this noise is coming from the engine. I’m new to Crestview Florida and I’m having trouble finding an independent mechanic. I hate to use big chain stores.Since they don’t really seem to care about you or your car.Yes I’m a woman and no I know nothing about cars. Does anyone have any idea what maybe going on so I don’t have to go somewhere looking like a total idiot that says come take advantage of me. Thank you in advance.
Lisa DeJarnette

Far too many things might make this noise, far too little information to narrow it down.

This is a very common fear from both men and women. You aren’t supposed to know what is wrong, you aren’t a mechanic. This is the same as finding a new doctor. You aren’t supposed to know what your medical problem is, the doctor does. In either case, you don’t WANT to tell them what to fix, 'cause they will, and your problem won’t be solved because they didn’t diagnose the problem, you did.

If you go in and don’t feel comfortable, leave. If they check out your car, expect to pay something for diagnostic time. If you don’t trust them, pay the fee and go elsewhere.

Look on Yelp, YP, Google and any others you can find to identify a good local shop. Start here;