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2010 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4 wheel drive system

We are looking at a used 2010 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. We need an SUV to pull a boat. We were told that it normally drives in rear wheel, but will automatically shift to 4 wheel when it senses the need. A friend told us to stay away from models that automatically shift from 2 wheel to 4 wheel because the driver doesn’t have control of the change and it may change when you are not expecting it to and make driving difficult in slippery weather. Is there a better used year or model of the Laredo?

Why are you only considering a Jeep ? If you need an SUV to mainly tow a boat, there are better choices out there, especially if the boat is substantial and reliability is of concern. Used ladder frame SUVs from GM, Ford, Nissan and Toyota would be my first recommendations. I would also recommend manually operated systems that can switch to 4wd when needed, more for durability then fear of slippery weather use. I would consider make/models like Ford (Expedition), GM near SUV(Avalanche), Nissan (Xterra) and Toyota (4Runner, Sequoia) which give you better towing options with proven reliability.

We don’t pull the boat often. Just basically need to put it in & out of water. Occasionally need to get through deep snow. We currently have a '99 jeep cherokee sport. So we are used to the 2 wheel to 4 wheel system.We have been looking at vehicles the size of the Laredo.

If the use you have stated is all, maybe an extended cab pick up. More capable, more reliable, less exensive in general then Jeep SUVs. The system in your 99 is just as different from a newer jeep as it would be for another make. They are all very user friendly regardless. But, you seem to be into Jeeps so anything will work and work better than a 99.