2010 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport - snow tire size

What are the best size snow tires for my car.
My nrmal ire size is 235 -60R18.

You just answered your own question .


if you are looking for snow tires… when my daughter was going to scool in Vermont I put Bridgestone Blizzak WS80’s on her Hyundai, she loved them. she said when other vehicles were getting stuck with their snow tires, she just drove past them without a problem. now as for size, stay with the size the manufacture recommends.

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Being from the south I don’t use snow tires or know anything about them but also don’t see why anyone would want to change sizes from OEM that came with car .

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I have not used snow tires here on Long Island since I was about 18. I guess I am just use to driving in the snow. never really had a problem. but then again they usually do a preety good job on the main roads. the side roads are another story.

Go to tirerack.com to see the options.


235/60/18 is the answer.


Others have answered the size. @weekend-warrior mentions Blizzak, I have used them and Michelin Xice. Both awesome in snow and icy conditions.