2010 Honda not really a shake but

63224 miles, no accidents, automatic, used car owned for three years. As driving up hill or on level ground not down hill, after car switches from first to second if I choose to not accelerate the car will lightly I mean very lightly shake like not receiving gas and it is only in this point of about 18-25 miles an hour… this has city driving however you call des moines a city but they do… maintain oil changes and transmission fluid is checked every time to see if it is full… no leaks I have a very clean drive way that lets me know if I am… why does it shake

Try locking out the overdrive and see if that makes any difference…

what is this and how

Usually there is a button on the shifter or next to the shifter to lock out overdrive. Overdrive an automotive transmission gear that transmits to the drive shaft a speed greater than engine speed

I have a similar problem with a new Subaru with a CVT. The programming in the CVT keeps the RPMs at as low as 1200, and at that RPM, the engine is lugging. Stupid me, if I had bought a standard, I could just drop it down a gear. CVT is not smart enough to do the equivalent.


called three honda dealers… the honda civic 2010 does NOT have an overdrive at all
they also said it sounds like front or side engine mounts… could this be?

Does this happen when you manually shift it through the first 3 gears?

Oops, never mind, you have, literally, only PRNDL to choose from.
Might be the lock-up clutch in the torque converter doing its thing.

No overdrive button. Next I would try oem tranny fluid replacement. Honda requires 3 drain and refill cycles plus the filter replacement. Have them check your trans mount. It is under your airbox. You WONT see it unless the airbox is off. That would indeed make the trans shake. The only other thing that I can think of offhand is a bad half shafts.

Do you notice any engine pinging, especially when going up hill at moderate speeds? A too wide spark plug gap maybe? How many miles are on these spark plugs? What does the manufacturer recommend for the spark plug change-out interval?

George has made an excellent point. It sounds like the engine is lugging, and an engine that needs a tuneup will act like this under the type of circumstances you describe. If these are the original plugs, and at 63K I’m guessing they are, a new set of plugs might just do the trick. Use only OEM replacements from NGK or Nippon-Denso and not an off-brand like Champion.

GeorgeSanJose brought up a very good point. A subtle ignition miss can cause a problem like this and it may only appear at certain throttle positions and speeds.

I remember a Ford Focus once that had a similar sounding problem. The car would start instantly hot or cold and idle as smooth as a Swiss watch. Take it out for a drive and it would accelerate flawlessly up to any speed.

However, at speeds around 30 MPH give or take if a very light touch was used on the accelerator pedal the engine would buck and jerk like it was running out of gas. I traced this back to a corroded coil wire connection at the distributor cap. It wasn’t corroded badly or anything; just a light coating of a white scale on it. Cleaned it off and the problem went away.

A MAF sensor problem or air leak in the intake tract could also cause a problem like this.

called three honda dealers... the honda civic 2010 does NOT have an overdrive at al

It has a 5 speed automatic and believe me 5th gear is an overdrive, But I did notice in the owners manual there is no OD lock out. The only option would be to put the car in D3 but that would lock out 4th and 5th gear.