2010 Honda Insight - engine is bad

Yes dealer auctions are the worst, as I found out the hard way! I talked to the GM at the dealership and he denies they tampered with the cylinders to clear the codes even though the Bureau of Auto Repair did an investigation that states they did. I wish everyone was ethical and honest. I didn’t think a so called reputable, large Honda dealer would pass on crap cars but they did for a few bucks. Lesson learned.

The guys at the bar are no dummies, and they have no reason to be dishonest, in my opinion

They also have no “skin in the game” . . . so to speak

Personally, I’ll believe the bar over this dealership’s statements

I think you should consult a lawyer

The ideal situation would be if the dealer simply took the car back and refunded your money

I would be VERY skeptical of any repair that they do, or even sublet to somebody else

If the lawyer ultimately can’t get satisfaction for you, I suggest ridding yourself of this vehicle, even if it means taking a bath financially.

Buy a new vehicle. At least it will come with full new car warranty for a few years, and nobody is handing off their trash to an unsuspecting buyer.