2010 Honda Insight airbag

I have a 2010 insight bought new with only 16,000 miles on it. I took it in for state inspection and they told me that the airbag mechanism is faulty and will need to be replaced. For $1300. The 3 year warranty expired four months ago. I have never been in an accident, or deployed the airbag. This seems like a manufacturer’s defect, and they should just replace it. Do I have any recourse? Who should I talk to?

Thank you

Open your Owner’s Manual, and find the toll-free phone number for contacting Honda of America at the corporate level. Let them know that you are very disappointed by this defect in your car, and ask (politely and rationally) if they can provide some, “good will”, assistance with the cost of these repairs.

Whatever you do, DO NOT take the, “I’ll never buy one of your crappy cars again”, approach, as that gives them little incentive to help you. Instead, talk about how much you like the car, and if you have previously owned other Hondas, be sure to mention that fact also. They are much more likely to help an overall-satisfied customer than they are to help a screaming, raving one.

Good luck!

Last year my Honda dealer (Brown’s in Glen Burnie MD) fixed an airbag problem on my wife’s 2004 Civic with almost 150,000 miles FOR FREE.

Do not pay this garage a penny until you talk to a Honda dealer (or Honda corporate as VDC mentioned above). They are likely to cover it whether it is under warranty or not.

Thanks for the tips guys. I will call the corporate office and see if they can help me.