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2010 Honda CR-V - Oil leak

Oil leaks between engine and tranny

How many miles per quart is it consuming?

The rear main cranckshaft seal may be leaking, that requires a lot of labor to replace.

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I recently had a bad oil leak with a 1999 Honda CR-V, it was the VVT, I believe it is titled, spool valve gasket, located behind the passenger side end of the rocker arm cover. Three 10mm bolts hold it in place, and the pcv hose needs to be removed from the pcv valve, along with a bracket holding a wiring harness, and two snap-in connectors going into the valve. There is a 3 section rubber gasket under this spool valve that gets torn, or flattened out & leaks oil behind the engine. My replacement gasket cost $7.00. The engine now leaks no oil.

If you aren’t doing so, start using a high mileage oil.

These oils have additives that may stop oil seal leaks, or slow it down.