2010 Honda Civic Sdn - Fuel gauge issue

my 13 year old civic with 154,000 fuel gage now has reverse illuminaton. is going to a $1,000 chip part?


Which means what? I don’t understand what you mean by this.

You can find out how much it is going to cost by stopping by your Honda dealer and asking them. This assumes, of course, that the parts to fix the problem are still stocked for this 13 year old car.


That sounds like some sort of hardware (circuitry) problem. A roofing contractor friend of mine dropped his cell phone on a job. It slid off the roof and landed on the ground below, 8 foot fall or so. After that all of the text displayed was mirror reversed … lol … . He still used the phone, got used to reading the text displayed w/that orientation. Maybe OP can get used to reading the fuel gauge as it is?

I guess now when I turn off the lights leaving a room it will be called ’ reverse illumination '.


Reverse illumination: sucks the light out of all the other lamps.

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Sounds like the LED display is failing, used instrument clusters are available.


Fred C. Dobbs, I thought your mode of transportation was a Burro. Anyway, when I turned on my car today the fuel gage display was back to normal. Maybe loose wiring.


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