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2010 Ford Fusion 2.5L stumble/bump when stopped in gear

I’ve noticed in the past couple of days that when my Fusion is fully warmed up and stopped at a traffic light I’ll feel a short rocking forward-backward. Almost like a bunch of guys are pushing on the car from behind. Sometimes, if it is really bad, I’ll even seen the RPMs dip a little bit.

I was thinking that it might be motor mounts causing the sensation. But what would be making the engine dip idle RPM?

Additional info: 138k miles on it and transmission fluid was last changed at about 80k. Plugs changed at 100k. New air filter installed a couple weeks ago.

I would start with the recent work done, the air filter. Make sure everything is tight, wires/lines/tubes, etc. It sounds like a misfire but then 38K Miles is too soon for today’s plugs to go bad.
Also, I am assuming no check engine lights?

The air filter is good. Nice and tight. No light yet.

I will start by cleaning the air intake. Wondering if you changed a battery recently or the battery was disconnected for something. To me it sounds like a dirty intake that the computer was compensating for and it is not doing so now.
Also wait for others to chime in :slight_smile:

I replaced the throttle body a couple months ago to correct a problem with it shifting and this problem went away as well. Sorry to bump an old thread, but just thought I’d put my solution in incase anyone else finds this down the line.

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We never mind when the OP bumps up an old thread with a solution :slight_smile: Glad your Fusion is fixed!

This is your thread and posting the solution is good so no apology necessary.

@macjedimatt you might use the Solved feature .

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