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2010 Ford F-150 rough idle

check engine light on. idles rough. codes 130 and 150 come up, indicating bad o2 sensors but sensors check ok.

The truck is telling you the O2 circuit wiring or connections are bad for both upstream O2 sensors. And then it runs poorly because it can’t read the mixture.

You need to look for damaged wiring or bad connectors. If you replaced both sensors and that’s how you are certain they are good, you may not have gotten the connectors back in place. If you gad the transmission out for any reason, same thing or wires got damaged as it was coming out.

With both codes coming up at the same time on a Ford, I would be looking for a vacuum leak.

PCV and hose is common place.

Rare but does happen, check fuse #79 a 10 amp under hood