Rough running F150 truck

I have a 2000 F150 truck that’s been running rough, once it warms up. I’ve been starting to add a fuel injector cleaner to each tank refill, however, it doesn’t seem to be going away. Is my only alternative to have the fuel injectors cleaned at the garage?

Also, this is our 3rd vehicle, so it doesn’t get used often. We’ve recently started to drive it once per week.

Initially, the Service Engine list flashed and it’s come on, then gone off. It’s been on solid now for a couple of weeks.

Why are you assuming that you have a fuel delivery problem?

First, you have to get the codes out of the computer. Major chain auto parts stores do this for free. The format is P1234 - write down and post the exact code(s).

To run you need fuel + spark + air + compression. In addition, the fuel + air part has to be in the right mixture. Did you put all of these on a dart board and throw one to get fuel or do you have info you aren’t giving?

Many of these kinds of problems are solved by simple things like spark plugs/wires & filters.

The codes for the check engine light will give the starting point.

Why do you believe that it is a dirty fuel injector issue as opposed to any of the other hundred things that could cause rough running? How many miles and when were the spark plugs last changed?
The flashing check engine light means misfire, and it means that you should do something about it right away, before your cats are ruined.
You should get the OBD II codes read and report the exact code(s) back if you want meaningful help with this.

Great suggestions. Lunch time at the local Auto Zone’s store should get the codes and I’ll post this afternoon.

Just a bit more history, we’ve run into this issue several years ago and the dealership resolved it by cleaning the fuel injector’s.

Also, this vehicle has 107k miles and spark plugs were changed about 1 year ago.