2010 Ford F-150 - Headlights are dim

Head lights both high and low beam have diminished

You made a statement and did not ask a question but I will answer anyway. Most likely the headlight lenses are dull and there are things on the market that will polish and clear them to almost new again. Or you just need new bulbs.

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I have an 03 Taurus that I had to replace the headlight housings due to deterioration of the reflective coating. Even with new bulbs and clear lenses the old housings had poor performance. I would try new bulbs and clean the lense first though.

Ed B

More info would be helpful. Are these filament bulbs, LED’s, discharge lamps? Did this happen quickly, occur gradually, are you new to the car and don’t know, are your eyes failing (some eye problems can present quickly), etc.? Are the high and low beam bulbs separate or are their filaments combined in one envelop?

  • Are all bulbs or elements turned on when they should be?

  • Are the outer covers dirty or hazy? Wash, polish or replace as needed.

  • Is the inside full of condensation?

  • Are the reflective surfaces shiny? Replace housing if failing.

  • Are the bulbs proper for the car? If the car was made for filament bulbs and someone replaced them with aftermarket units of a different type, perhaps LED’s, they might not be putting out the proper pattern with the result they might put less light on the road.

  • Are the bulbs getting old? If they’re filament bulbs and the were okay when new, then standard replacements from established brand should be adequate. Long life filament bulbs generally will be dimmer than the standard version, and brighter filaments bulbs generally will have shorter life - those essentially are your choices.

  • Are the bulbs getting full voltage? Check alternator output as well as battery voltage with lights on and engine off. If those are okay, check voltage at bulb sockets.