2010 Ford Explorer - Won't start, but seats still move

Will not start, dash lights do not work and the seat toward does not work. The seat switch moves the seat back and forth. I’ve checked all of the fuses and the ignition switch all seam to work.

What does this mean?

First blush, sounds like the ignition switch isn’t making contact when you turn the key, but we’d want more details before saying that for sure. What does happen when you try to start it?

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The BCM may be giving up the ghost.


have you checked your battery and you said you checked fuses but what about the relays. if battery is good try disconnecting it, let it sit for 20 minutes and reconnect and see if it makes a difference.

Do you know how to reset the anti-theft system once the battery is reconnected so the engine will start?


How to reset the anti-theft system in a Ford F-150 - Summit County Voice

PT 78-0004.pdf (cardone.com)

What do you mean by “won’t start”? Do you hear that “rrr rrr rrr” sound indicating the starter motor is cranking the engine? Do you only hear a click? Do you hear nothing at all when the key is in “start”?

How long should we bother to consider this question if the original writer does not reply?

Have the battery checked. Had the same type thing last week on wifes minivan . Everything inside was mostly working and only got a click when attempting to start . I had brought a voltmeter with me when she called to tell me it wouldnt start and it was the first thing I checked and it was at less than 11 volts . Pulled battery and got a new one and installed and it cranked right over and it has been fine ever since . If battery is more than 5-6 years old it is more than likely something like that .