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2002 Ford Explorer XLT Won't Start

So I have a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4.0L SOHC 4x4 that won’t turn over. I am not getting any error codes, however, the check gage light is on, the check battery light is on and so is the service engine soon light. It takes a minute for the dash components to kick on, same with the error lights. I’ve replaced the starter, and got the battery checked out which is running good and at 100%.
When I turn the key, it clicks once and everything on the dash just dies.
I’m thinking the alternator might be the next idea, but also worried about ignition switch, ignition coil or timing chain.
I’m completely stumped about this honestly. Help anyone?

You may be looking at a bad BCM.


But would a bad bcm only allow the vehicle to make the car components start up slowly, click once and everything just dies?

A BCM Is an electronic component that allows other electronic components to communicate with each other.

As in computers and modules.


Sounds more like a bad connection with the battery cables.

Are they clean and tight ?

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Yes, connections are fine, clean and solid.