2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

I have had a 2010 Sport Trac since it was new. In the 3 1/2 years I have had it struts have been replaced 2 times, and now will be the third time when it goes back to the dealer. The dealer said they will continue to cover them, but this is getting old. I live in a suburban area so I am not driving anywhere that should put stress on the truck and I maintain it like its my baby. The struts are noticed leaking when I take it for oil changes and tire rotations.

Has anyone heard of this or know why? I have researched it and no one seems to have the same problem.

Have ever thought of having the struts replaced with high quality aftermarket struts from an independent shop, instead of having repeated failures from the struts the dealer is providing?


Bad luck strut is all I can guess. I cannot think of any conditions that would cause repeated strut failures. Yes it is unusual what you are going through, my sympathy for your trouble.

Is there any other symptom besides that they seem to be leaking?