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2010 Ford Explorer brakes - help!

Ray, I have a 2010 Ford Explorer XLT with 65,000 miles. I have never replaced the brake pads or anything else with the braking system. About two years ago the parking brake begin to fail; it is now at the point that it will not work at all.
Within the last 3 months, I noticed that the brake pedal traveled almost to the floorboard and, most importantly, allows my breaking foot to engage the gas pedal when breaking.
Last year, I took my Explorer to my mechanic shop which has a very good reputation and certification by AAA. They said, that they tightened my emergency brake cable. However, there is no evidence that anything of any significance occurred.
Last week, I took my Explorer to the same shop and advised them that my brake pedal almost hits the floorboard and allows my foot to engage the gas pedal.
The shop’s remedy was to replace the brake fluid and advised me that there were no leaks in the brake system and the pads had at least 70 percent of their functionality remaining. I now have exactly the same problem with my brake pedal approaching the floorboard upon breaking and engaging the gas pedal. The emergency brake still does not work.
Norman, OK 73069

Find another shop ASAP.The one you are dealing with do not take your complaint seriously.
Here are a few complaints similar to yours

Is the car with disc brakes on the rear? Try look through the rim, can You see a drum or a disc and a caliper?
We need to know which system, otherwise we’ll be shooting in the dark…

I agree with COROLLAGUY1, get it to another shop asap, maybe a tow should be considered as if the car is as You describe, I will consider it dangerous on the road.

You probably have a failing master cylinder, but it could be something else. Regardless, get this to a different shop immediately, as the next time you press the pedal you might find that you have no brakes at all.

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thank you!!!

Colonel, USAF (ret)


Colonel, USAF (ret)


Colonel, USAF (ret)

You might want to edit your original post . Putting your full name and where you live on an open web site is never a good idea. And you don’t need to thank me.