2010 Ford Escape while driving stops getting fuel

Hi, my 2010 Escape 89K miles. It will all of a sudden (at various speeds) stop getting fuel. I have to pull over…once i get close to a complete stop it lurches a bit, I put it in park and kill the engine - wait a minute and it starts back up. Initially thought i had water in tank (capless tank) 1st time it happened immediately after a carwash. So I added an additive to clean the fuel tank. Did it again after about 5 days. I cannot find a pattern (speed, fuel tank level) etc to this. Anyone else have this/suggestions?

Your Escape may have a known problem with the throttle body that causes sudden loss of power. Check with the dealership to see if your car is covered by the “Customer Satisfaction Campaigns” described below to fix this problem:


The fix is to install new software in the powertrain control module (PCM).

Thank you. It certainly could be i guess since i only loose ability to give it gas and all other functions are fine - and i do get the ‘wrench’ light. but speed is not only reduced - i am basically coasting. i will check it out. thank u.

Could be something else like a bad throttle position sensor. But first I would follow up on the throttle body issue with your dealer.