2010 Ford Escape brakes go to the floor on start

my vehicle brakes go to the floor when i start and brake light stays on ?

(Assuming that your parking brake is off), your brake fluid is low. top it off, if you can’t get pedal pressure, have it towed to your mechanic. If you can get pedal pressure, drive it SLOWLY and CAREFULLY to your mechanic. Even if you don’t need new pads, you’ll likely need to have the system bled if you sucked in air from the reservoir. (Also, this is an excellent time to start a new habit of checking ALL vital fluids (oil, brake, power steering, coolant, etc) at least once a week)

i would not drive this…even slow and careful. There is always the chance that a child would dash out in your path.

I presume you have a leak in the brake line and unless you can fix this yourself, you need to have it towed to your mechanic. Even adding fluid…you will still have air in the system that needs to be bled.