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2010 Dodge Journey - Door locks

I have a 2019 Dodge Journey that the door locks don’t always dork. Now the hack is not wanting to unlock. My Mom is in a wheel chair so I need to be able to open it to put her chair in and out.its too hard trying to do this through the back seat.if you could give me some idea what it could possibly be so I cantrytofix it myself. Our money is very tight and we can’t afforf to take it to a garage but it needs to be fixed.My Mom has a lot of doctors appointments coming up. I appreciate any help you may be able to dive. Thank you.

I assume that this is really a 2010 and not a 2019 . Have you checked the batteries in the remotes ? You should have two and do they both act the same way. Also I guess you mean rear hatch door , does it not have a key slot . It might be hidden under some trim , your manual will show that. If it is the main controller that will need to be replaced and it is probably well hidden under the dash and not easy to replace.