2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 3.8L P0301 P0300 P2097

I hope it’s okay to post solutions rather than problems here – in case someone googles these 3 codes popping up!

My van was running rough – the check engine light came on and I got code P0301.
I changed spark plug #1 and spark plug wire #1 to see if it made a difference.
It didn’t – the check engine light starting blinking a few miles later.
I checked the codes again and had P0301 P0300 & P2097
I changed out the ignition coil and everything started working again, and the codes went away.

3.8L V6 with about 178000 miles on it.


Solutions are certainly allowed.

I am curious, why did you only change #1 plug and wire when you got a P0300? A P0300 is a general misfire code where a P0301 is specifically for #1.

Oops, sorry I mistyped that – the first and only code I had initially was P0301.

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Then that was clearly the right thing to do first. Maybe it was the longest plug wire so it showed a misfire with a failing coil first.

Your path also shows how subsequent codes - the P2097 - can be caused as an after effect of the primary problem. I.e. A misfire occurs, the fuel isn’t burned completely so a P2097 is set. Once the coil is replaced, the P2097 goes away because it is now firing on all cylinders.

Your post shows a good step by step diagnosis and solution.

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