2010 Dodge Dakota - do I really need these services?

I have a 2010 Dodge Dakota Big Horn edition extended cab 4X4 pickup truck. At a recent oil change I was told I’m due for the following services: Fuel Service ($205), Brake Service($130), Transmission Service($218), P/S service [? power steering] ($140), and Drive line-F&R Tcase($295). I think they are mostly referring to fluid flush and exchange of those various components. My brake pads measured 6 mm in the front and 4 mm in the back, so I don’t think they’re talking about new brake pads etc. The total cost of the estimate is $988. I don’t see those items listed in the service manual for my truck. Do I need those? Are those prices out of line?

Then you don’t need them.

Sounds like the service manager gave the service writers a pep talk on upselling clients. As stated, you don’t need these services if not called for in the OWNER’S Manual.

If the vehicle has more than 50,000 miles on it I would only go for the transmission fluid and filter change if you have never done this before. The normal price for this is $145 or so, and a good independent transmission shop will do it for that. Don’t go to transmission chain operation such as Cottman, or other heavily advertised ones.

brake fluid flush/exchange is good on a 9yr old truck.
every 9yr old car driving by dealer probably could benefit from a full fluid exchange.
i bet the dealer would really smile if 100 customers came in daily for that.

Your rear brake pads are close enough to replacement that I’d wait until then to change the brake fluid. Changing the transmission fluid is a good move if it was not done before. Pass on the other stuff for now. Find a good, independent shop to do this work and anything else you need in the future. I found a good garage, but their cost is comparable to the dealer. The advantage is that if they misdiagnose a problem, they will fix it at their expense. The high hourly cost also means that they have competent, experienced mechanics on staff.