2010 Dodge Caravan - Makes me sleepy

I smell exhaust after about ten minutes of driving I had grease monkey and another uncertified mechanic look at it they said nothing is wrong yet I get these horrible headaches and fall asleep every time I drive when I get home about 45 minutes later the headache starts to go away

Stop messing with amateur mechanics. Find a real shop as this is possibly fatal for you and your passengers. This is not an over the web type problem to solve.


Classic sign of CO poisoning. Only drive with the windows full open. Get it to a competent mechanic in the next day or two. This is dangerous and serious.


Yep, this has to be checked out ASAP. It could be an exhaust leak, a rust hole or bad seal letting in exhaust, or a combination problem. Is there any rust on the body?

As already said, get this fixed immediately before it’s fatal. Also, I suggest you carry a carbon monoxide detector in the car for a while.


CO (carbon monoxide) doesn’t just give a head ache and make you sleepy. The CO binds with hemoglobin in your red blood cells and kicks off the Oxygen so your body thinks it’s gettin plenty of oxygen because that space is being used. It causes long term health problems if it doesn’t just kill you. If it happens to anyone with the symptoms you described they need to go to the hospital and be put in a hyperbaric chamber to push the CO off the hemoglobin
I’m a firefighter and we see this plenty.

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