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2010 dodge avenger sxt fans don't turn

Having trouble! I have a 2010 dodge avenger sxt replaced fans but won’t turn I connected everything back together still nothing

No details?

You need to check if the fans are getting power and ground

I’m not really familiar with your vehicle, but you probably have 2 electric fans

One is the radiator fan, and it comes on at a specified coolant temperature

The other is the condenser fan, and it should automatically come on whenever your ac is operating

Was this car wrecked?

Is it now overheating?

I’m asking because you replaced the fans . . .

Yes my little brother hit the back of my dads truck. On my drivers side on my car hit the the the edge of the my dads bumper the hit dented in the AC condenser. Crank the radiator and crank a fan. I hope this isn’t too confusing

Its not overheating

Both fans will operate together to cool both the radiator and A/C condenser when needed, there is no separate condenser fan like an old Japanese car.

The fans should turn on when the engine reaches 220 F.

The fans do not operate continuously when the air conditioning is on, the PCM will turn on the fans when the compressor discharge pressure reaches 250 PSI and off at 160 PSI so expect the fans to cycle.
Is the air conditioning working?

Hi Nevada, I stayed up last night watching a video on a guy saying the samething I haven’t put freon in i well right now