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2010 corolla trany hard downshift

Help please. The car is a 2010 Corolla S with about 85K miles, I bought used in Jan 2015. This problem mostly happens when I am using the cruise control. I will be going up a hill at about 65 and regularly but not always the trany will downshift with a very hard “bang” like running over a pipe. It will make the shifts in a normal smooth manner at other times going up hills in cruise control. This hard shift is very abrupt and startling if not ready for it. In can do this when not in cruise control if at highway speed in accelerate to pass but not as consistent. It has not done it at in town driving.

I took it to the dealer, as I had a warranty, and took the tech for a ride so he could feel it. I was told the next day the warranty company says this is “normal” behavior.

I do not believe this to be normal. Any ideas to help me when I get back to the dealer?

Ask them to let you drive another 2010 Corolla S and see if that vehicle shifts the same way.

If it doesn’t, then I’d say there’s a problem with your vehicle


What Tester said, and just for fun check your engine and transmission mounts.

It"s probably normal.

warranty company? Not a Toyota warranty? Good luck !!

I have a 2009 Corolla and is does not have any hard shifting. Do you have maintenance records showing that the tranny fluid was changed? If not you might want to do that, may make an improvement…

At speeds over 65mph…most small vehicles will have jerky shifting especially when using cruise control. If the little car shifts normally at all other times…I contend that the downshift will be harsh when accelerating uphill.