2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Nitrogen

Could you address the ongoing con about Nitrogen in tires? Why would you pay extra for “Nitrogen” when the air we all breath, hence, the air in every compressor, is 78% NITROGEN. Is that cognitively challenged or what?

What they are selling is essentially “dry” air. Moisture in tires does bad things to pressure variations. Dry air, inert gases like argon and nitrogen minimizes air pressure changes with temperature. Racers carry bottles of compressed nitrogen to fill their tires and run their impact wrenches and tire stores picked up on that.

If they charge extra for nitrogen fill, ignore it. If you get it as standard when mounting new tires, accept it and don’t worry about adding plain 'ol air to the tire when low.

It is a marketing gimmick far more than technical improvement. Heck, tire store owners have boat payments, too!