2010 Chevrolet Equinox - do I really need a third catalytic converter?

Told vehicle needs catalytic converter again. First replaced at 60,000 miles, now has 69000. Mechanic says check engine light means it needs catalytic converter. Whats going on?

You need a second opinion and maybe a better mechanic.


The check engine light means something is wrong. The stored code will help determine what. The usual culprit with codes involving the catalytic converter is one or more bad sensors. AutoZone or another auto parts store can read the codes for you. Post them here and someone will tell you the most likely problem. And yes, I suspect you need to find a different mechanic.

Does the Equinox use or burn any oil? I’ve heard burning oil can shorten the life of a catalytic converter.

If there’s any truth to that, you may have replaced one of the converters, and the other one wasn’t far behind. But definitely get a second opinion.