2010 Chevrolet Caprice

My 2010 Dodge Caprice is hesitating & losing power suddenly while I’m driving.
My mechanic says it needs the CVT transmission fluid changed, which only a dealer can do. The dealer hung up on me when I called about it. HELP! No dealer wants to touch it.

I can’t see a dealer hanging up on a call to make a service appointment. What did you say to the dealer? Note that on the phone you are talking to a service writer or a telephone operator. They are not qualified to diagnose problems, specially on the phone.

“no dealer wants to touch it” Again, you called a different dealer to make an appointment and they hung up on you?

Why does the mechanic think the CVT fluid needs to be changed? did he say anything else?

I would like to have heard both ends of that phone call.

Your post title is Chevrolet Caprice, your text is Dodge Caprice, if the dealer heard Dodge, perhaps they thought it was a prank call. I too would like to have heard both sides of the call. Call them back or try a new dealer, explain the problem, not that your mechanic told you to change the fluid, but what the symptoms are. Let them recommend a solution. If you called and insisted that they do the service that some random mechanic recommended without letting them diagnose the problem, they were wise to turn you away.

Must be a Dodge Caliber, that has a CVT transmission. Take the vehicle to a repair shop and have the problem diagnosed.

Dodge-Chevrolet-Caprice-Caliber Might just be a clue why the OP got hung up on.

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There’s no Chevy or Dodge Caprice I can see listed for the 2010 model year. Are you located in the USA OP?

One thing is certain: If no dealer will do the job for you, and it has to be done for a dealer, looks like you have an expensive paperweight there.

You may have confused the service person; there is no such car as a “Dodge Caprice”. The Caprice was a CHEVROLET; I owned one. The service person may have interpreted this as a crank call;


First, do you have a Dodge or Chevrolet? Second, what model car is it? Third, how many miles on your car? If you have the owner’s manual, check it for the maintenance schedule. This may be in a separate booklet. Find out when the transmission fluid is supposed to be checked or replaced. If your mileage matches or exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation, have the dealer check iit. Since you will pay them to check, they might as well replace the fluid. Get a price for both before replacing the fluid.