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2010 Cadillac Escalade uncontrolled acceleration

Uncontrollable acceleration of the engine

Well THAT’s not good! Is there a question?

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I had that happen once when a old girlfriend

Oh, wait…I can’t tell that story here.


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Well I don’t know, it’s kind of car related. I once accelerated as fast as I could from an old girlfriend. Unfortunately I had a VW with 36 hp. After 200 miles I was over it though. My mother was happy.

“Uncontrolled acceleration” is, indeed, a big safety problem, and we should presume you want to know what to do about it.

First – Stop driving the car, or plan ahead what to do if “uncontrolled acceleration” happens while you are driving. (Shift into neutral and get the car to a safe stopping place. You might want to switch off the engine, but that will stop your power steering and power brakes, which might make such a big vehicle hard to control.)

Second – Presuming you want to fix it…

The experts, either here or where you take the car for repair, will need more info on the “uncontrolled acceleration”. Has it happened more than once? Are you SURE you did not accidentally press the accelerator pedal? (I did that a bit just yesterday; glad the car was not in gear.) If it has happened more than once, do you see any pattern? Does it seem that the throttle is wide open?

If you can give some of that info, then the experts might be able to diagnose the cause of your problem (probably with a lot of follow-up questions).

I think Elvis has left the building.

@Lawrencedaley, you need to explain the problem better than that. It could be several things, including the floor mat stuck under the accelerator pedal. The truck is 8 years old, and it could also be a throttle failure. Get a mechanic to look at it the floor mat is positioned correctly. You can drive the Escalade to the shop, but be prepared to put it in neutral, pull off the road, and shut the engine off if unintended acceleration occurs on the way to the shop. Don’t drive it until then.