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2010 Cadillac DTS

My 2010 Cadillac DTS is having trouble accelerating and the code that shows is the code for the secondary air filter, but will that have the car stall out and have trouble accelerating??

If you post the code number you’ll get better comments. Engine codes usually start with a “P” followed by a 4 digits, like P0420.

If the main air filter for the engine gets clogged the symptoms could indeed be stalling and lumbering accelerations. I don’t see any reference to it in the service data, and I’m not sure what the purpose of the “secondary air filter” is, so hard to say what those symptoms might be.

I have experienced a limp mode from vehicles with a secondary air injection failure but this would not cause the engine to stall, only limited performance, it would accelerate like a scooter.

If you have a secondary air injection fault start with correcting that failure.

The code I am receiving is a p0412 code

A P0412 should have no effect on performance. It is a solenoid fault for the air injection system thatadds air to the exhaust stream to allow the cat convertor to be more efficient.

If you would post some details about your DTS, like how many miles, if the CEL is on right now, recent service related to this issue, and some more details about “trouble accelerating” we might be able to offer more help.

As posted above, that’s signaling a problem with the secondary air injection system. Not related at all to an air filter. That system’s purpose is to inject air into the exhaust pipe (prior to the cat) to minimize hydrocarbon emissions during a cold start. To do that the ECM (engine computer) turns on an electric air pump and also a solenoid controlled valve. P0412 is saying there’s a problem with the electrical circuit that controls the solenoid valve. A solenoid is just a simple electro-magnet, a small wire wound many times around a piece of iron; it only has two electrical inputs, + and -, so it should be pretty simple for a shop to figure out what the problem is. It’s likely either a problem with the wires (or connectors) that power the selenoid, or the solenoid itself is faulty.