Service Engine Soon Light

This subject dummy light keeps coming on, and I keep clearing it. It codes out as a PCM P0410, Secondary Air Injection System, Powertrain Control Module, Smog Pump, Air Injector Reactor. How important is it that this item be working optimally and be replaced? Would non-replacement cause any harm/damage to the car? Can/should I just run the car with the light on forever?

Here’s a very brief but good write-up of the code including a link to a GM TSB regarding it:

Also don’t miss this: “please note that this may be covered under the emissions warranty on the vehicle. If your vehicle is out of bumper-to-bumper warranty, check if the emissions warranty is still valid!”

If you plan to sell the car, don’t expect anyone to buy it because your CEL is on, atleast not without deducting the cost to fix it from the price. Then again, if they hear you’ve had the light on for an extended amount of time, they’ll likely pass on it altogether.

I’m facing the same problem with my 2002 Camry (158k-miles)and the code says I have a bad catalytic converter (one of two such on this car, apparently). It won’t pass NY inspection in May with the light lit. Is my dependable car worth the $700+ needed to replace the converter?

That’s not the same problem at all. And there is no code that says you need to replace the catalytic converter.

Post the exact code in the format “P1234” and start your own thread for it. Include all of the details you have about the vehicle including anything that has been done to diagnose the problem that led to the code being set.

Not even related. All light references are not the same; especially between different car makers. Need to check for your specific codes and related tech solutions.

I’ve been told there’s another TSB out recommending dealers update the software in their test equipment which updates the PCM codes. Could this in some strange way be what’s happening with my DTC P0410…a false positive?