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2010 Cadillac CTS - Worried about battery

I am worried since I cannot drive my car as usual it will not start. The battery is in the trunk and not easy to access at all. I did replace it once a few years ago … if I drive it only around the block this Could be bad. I am anxious since I am alone and need my car when this awful “Shelter in Place”ends I will be in trouble… should I call AAA or buy a new battery? Honestly I am very afraid to start it now since ONE trip around the block in more then 2 weeks sitting is all I have done… please advise what to do it looks like we are now grounded until end of APRIL. OMG

I suspect that this is your problem. Your car needs to be driven more often and for 5-10 miles two or three times a week. While not ideal it will help maintain the charge in your battery.

I can not imagine you getting stopped or ticketed for keeping your car/battery maintained in case of emergency.


If your car is kept in a garage, go to an auto parts store and buy a battery charger. They normally have a “trickle charge” mode that will maintain your battery. Hook up the charger every week or so. That’s what I’d be doing if I weren’t still driving to work. You can do it with the car in the driveway but you need to keep an eye on it.

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Aren’t you allowed to drive for groceries and other necessities? If so, nothing stops you from taking a longer route to get there.

If you can’t do that, then a battery tender as already suggested will do the trick.

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I hardly have anywhere to go at this point, but I make sure to drive my car for at least 10 miles, at least once each week. I go to the Post Office, and deposit an envelope or two in the curbside collection box, and then I purposely take “the long way home”.

Starting the engine and simply driving around the block is the absolute worst thing that the OP can do in regard to the battery, the engine, and the exhaust system. It would actually be better for the health of the battery if the OP didn’t start the engine, because starting the engine and then simply driving around the block will result in a net drain of the battery’s charge.


Probably time for a new battery. Many autozone etc. will check it and replace it for the cost of the battery. If you are only comfortable driving as you do and every few years you need a new battery so be it.


But, if the OP wants to avoid being stranded–at a potentially inconvenient time, or in an inconvenient place–then proactively replacing the battery as soon as it shows any signs of weakness is a good idea.

And, I think it is a nice idea to “tip” the guy at the auto parts store who replaces one’s battery.

I tried tipping the autozone guy after replacing the battery in my daughters car, he cleaned the clamps agressively, used a battery tender and I was impressed, sorry we can’t take tips he said.

The guy at Autozone who replaced my battery was the manager, and when I tried to “tip” him, he asked me to instead give him a good review on their website. And so, I did.

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If this is the original battery, most chain auto parts stores will test it and tell you if it needs replacement. They’ll even do the replacement for you at no extra charge. Call first to see if they are open and if they have the replacement battery in case you need one.

Hm. I was never told this when I worked at AZ, and almost always got tipped when I replaced a battery. I wonder what the statute of limitations is for this offence.


No harm no foul

If I ever get the battery replaced in my car, its only 8 1/2 years old, you are free to come over and tip the guy (or girl). My car sat for 2 weeks before I got a Walmart grocery curbside pickup order and it started just fine. Not really worried, I have an almost 60 year old battery charger. So far, Walmart is the only place I can get free pickup to my car. Target has it too but it looks like you have to have a smart phone or tablet.

Stupid question but does the auto part charger attach to inaccessible battery

If your battery is in the back, you probably have remote terminals under the hood. Check your owner’s manual.


Does your car have a power port (formerly known as cigarette lighter socket) that is on all the time?
A charger of 10 amps or less can be connected through that.
If you park on the street a solar panel to sit on the dash can maintain the battery.
That’s what I’m using. Ten watts.
For the past month I’ve only been making a 2 mile round trip to a grocery store once a week.
I know it’s not good for the car, but the car serves me, not the other way around.

The battery is accessible. It’s under the floor board in the trunk, next to the spare tire wheel well. That’s where it is in my Cobalt, anyway, and I suspect it is the same for your car. And yes, there should be a positive terminal under the hood, beneath the big read plastic cap with the “+” on it. Hook the negative terminal of the charger to a ground, like the shock tower bolts.


@lion9car has already answered but I’ll add that there are multiple YouTube videos showing how to jump start your vehicle. Google “2010 Cadillac CTS jump start” and you’ll find several. Or just open your owner’s manual. You’d connect the charger the same way you’d connect a second battery. Incidentally, the battery isn’t completely “inaccessible” or it could never be replaced. It’s behind a removable panel.

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Here was my experience with my original battery in my 2013 Equinox. I’ve been teleworking the last 2 weeks so the Equinox only be driven a few times on short trips ( 5 miles or less). In early February the battery was tested and still had 92% of the original CCA due to some difficult starts due to a loose battery terminal. Back in February the battery’s voltage was 12.6 Volts.

My wife had a Doctor’s appt today and I had to wait out in the car. I played the radio for about 45 minutes at a reasonable volume. Long story short, the car wouldn’t start when she came out. I cleaned the negative terminal and check the battery voltage (11.86 volts) so the battery was discharged but no short. AAA came out and it started right up with the handheld jump starter. It’s home connected to the Battery Tender for now.

I’m guessing the 2 weeks of sitting around drained the battery and playing the radio was the last straw. I wonder if it’s possible for the OEM battery to have an intermittent short that’s causing the drain.

Ed B.

Well thank u everyone. AAA came and checked battery for me and other items we. Alternator and said all looked good. BUT thinks I might need a new starter. Now someThing else to add to stress my lIfe. I did amazon order a trickle charger per your suggestions Now the damn starter issue