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2010 Cadillac CTS Sedan P0300/P0017

I am in Canada and have 175,000 kms (under 110,000 miles) on my 3.0L. My amber engine light occationally illuminated and dealership said it was showing Tech Codes P0030 and P0017. As a result they are quoting me $4,500 to fix it, which involves replace the timing chain. Am I nuts or is that a heck of a lot to do that?

First off, the P0030 is an oxygen sensor code. Cheap and easy to fix. The P0017 is the code saying the timing chain is worn out. That is a big job on an engine with 4 cams and a large timing chain. That said, why not take it someplace other than a dealer? Get a second estimate from a good independent shop. It will still be expensive but not $4500 expensive.

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But, that also leads to a question regarding how often the OP changed his engine’s oil–in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time. A worn-out timing chain at 110k miles is rare… as long as the oil is changed as it should be.


The timing chains in these vehicles are not long lived

You’re lucky you got then miles you did.

Just enter 2010 CTS timing chain in your search engine.


Did GM place their Mark of Excellence on those vehicles?