2010 Buick LaCrosse - My car is the same as Kathy G's

my car is same as kathy g car

So?.. I did not know Kathy Griffin has a twelve year old Buick, nor do I care.
If she has a 1953 Buick, that I would be interested in.


@Managing-Editor-Julie Here is another good example of what a waste this Ask Someone site is. This person may have come from the Car Complaints site or just used the Ask Someone thinking they would only contact people with a vehicle like theirs .

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You’ll have to bear with Volvo. This is typical of his responses here. Since we don’t know anything about Kathy G’s car except that it’s a 2010 LaCrosse, we can’t help. Please describe the issue you’re having and someone will try to help.

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Kathy G. has an engine control problem, she thinks the park assist is causing limp mode, very unlikely;

“Purchased used in May 2015. Since I have purchased the car, I took it to a dealership in Kokomo IN to have it looked at for the Park Assist. What happens is when I am driving down the highway, usually with the cruise control on, going 60+ down the highway, the Park Assist comes on, all the lights on the dashboard flash and all the sounds go off in the car. At that point, the car disables itself and you cannot push the accelerator. You have to immediately pull off the highway and turn the car off. After waiting a few minutes, you can start the car up and the engine light will be displayed. The engine light will stay on until the next time you start the car and then goes off.”

How you spend your time is up to you. You and the others can go outside and plant a garden or continue proof reading on car complaints.

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And how did you come across that information?
It does not appear on Cartalk. Carcomplaints does not show it either. Car complaints needs significant improvement.

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Brown09 has not been to Car Talk, the post is from Car Complaints.
Review the comments on Car Complaints and it can be found;

No, if Cartalk want to continue with the “Ask someone” catagory the web lackies need to fix it so the entire thread is visible and the thread does not disappear.

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That should not be needed to reply to something on the Ask Anyone part of this web site .


Time for you to present your ultimatum to the moderators.

I don’t think anyone cares if this is 100% efficient as long as there some activity other than discussions about bathroom breaks and lawn mower carburetors.

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Where in Car Complaints is the lawnmower or bathroom categories?

@Purebred @Nevada_545 is not talking about Car Complaints in that comment. He’s commenting about the discussions on this site, while saying the management (I am not sure who “they” are here, could be also other users) look the other way on the inefficiencies of Ask Someone to allow some other content on the site.

It’s a bit of a simplification to support his own point. I’ve said it before and it’s perhaps grown tiresome because things don’t change much, but there’s a lot of work going into the other side of the site which is intending to draw more traffic here, but it’s been a while coming. Some of it is what @Managing-Editor-Julie is working on with the writers, and other projects are also underway.

Those categories are right here, toilet talk part II, where you guys highjacked another thread;

I have to say the problem itself is very perplexing. I don’t recall ever hearing anything like this before. It would definitely get my att’n if my car’s dashboard signaled it was going into parking-assist mode while I was driving it down the freeway at 65 mph.

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Park assist warns the driver when getting too close to a parked car or other objects, it generally does not operate at speeds above 15 mph. The real problem is the engine going into limp mode, having the park assist inspected will likely go nowhere.

Any relation to Becky G ?

This is what KG said, according to your post above

Do you mean the Park Assist comes on b/c the engine is going into limp mode, and the Park Assist warning is meaningless?