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2009 Volvo C30 uses too much coolant

uses too much coolant

Cars don’t use coolant. They leak coolant.
Check your oil, if it looks like a chocolate milkshake, that is where it is going and by now you could have internal engine damage. Check the transmission fluid, should be clear and red.
If the oil is clear and amber, transmission fluid clear and red those are good signs, leak is limited to the cooling system.
Now where, could be as simple and cheap as a radiator cap. Might ba a hose, the radiator, the heater core.
If radiator cap or hose is the culprit you will be lucky. Otherwise bring many $$$$.
Have it diagnosed ASAP, watch your temperature gauge.


Purebred has covered it but for my own information, how much is “too much”? You shouldn’t be losing any coolant.