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Transmission cooling line problem

My radiator fluid looks like chocolate milk? is it from the tranny cooling line leaking into the radiator?

And how do you repair it?

Not absolutely certain as I don’t clearly understand your post. Are you saying you know that you have transmission fluid leaking into the radiator or are you asking if it is possible?

Just to relieve myself, is there any indication of coolant in the engine (same milkshake effect?).

Has the vehicle used DexCool in the cooling system all it’s life?


Oil looks like it might be due for an oil change, tranny fluid ok, but radiator fluid is the color of chocolate milk. ive been tryin to research this and a lot of folks are saying that it could be the tranny leaking fluid to the radiator thru the cooling line…is that possible?? And how does that get repaired? Thanks.

Other than transmission fluid or the DexCool issue, another possibility could be engine oil mixing with the coolant due to a faulty intake or head gasket.

i also have a radiator leak on the driverside, top area…does that help any??

It certainly does sound like one of the transmission cooler lines that passes through the radiator is leaking. Now you have two reasons to replace the radiator and remove all contaminated coolant. Replace coolant with “normal green” coolant and make sure transmission fluid level is OK. Are you due for a transmission fluid and filter replacement? notice I did not say flush,you do not want a transmission flush.