2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI 2.0L ( CAN & kwp200 Protocol Question)

I have 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI diesel 2.0L, they saying this car required CAN bus system instead kwp2000.

My question is:

How does the protocol Id change? Maybe ECU is defective? Some people told me that OBD2 talking with different module from ECU.

from the car:

Protocol: KWPS8FE9 ( should be CAN )
ECU Address(es): 1A
CAL ID(Calibration ID): 02F300050D 1402 ( they say wrong CAL ID )
CAL CVN(Calibration Verification Number): 21DB ( they say wrong CAL CVN )

If you look at those monitors not supported.

OBDII Readiness Monitor Details:

Misfire Monitor Supported: N
Fuel System Monitoring Supported: N
Component Monitor Supported: Y
Catalyst Monitor Supported: N
Heated Catalyst Supported: N
EVAP System Supported: N
Miss Monitor Ready: NS
Fuel System Monitor Ready: NS
Component Monitor Ready: NS
Catalyst Monitor Ready: NS
Heated Catalyst Monitor Ready: NS
EVAP Monitor Ready: NS

How is it possible ECU unit created not belong to this vehicle CAL ID (Calibration ID): 02F300050D 1402 and CAL CVN (Calibration Verification Number): 21DB ?

Could it miscommunicate protocol KWP instead of CAN protocol ?

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Thank you texases. will do.