Bank 1 and Bank 2 issue

Can anyone take a look at the live readings below for my Bank 1 and Bank 2 O2 sensors and tell me what I’m to look for? Is the voltage going jump around like this? You can see that Bank 1 sensor 2 is very stable, the other are all over the place. I now have a P0430 code Catalyst efficiency below threshold Bank 2. I’ve replaced all the o2 sensors (4) about 6 months ago. The vehicle is a 2009 Volkswagen routan, which if you did not know has the Chrysler 4.0 engine similar to the caravan, and town and country. Thank you

Tim D.

The voltage for the O2 sensor(s) before the cat are going to bounce.

The voltage for the O2 sensor after the cat is going to hold pretty steady,


Thank you, so it appears possibly my Bank 2 Cat is bad since by downstream voltages are bouncing /matching my upstream.

I don’t see a bank 2, O2 sensor 2 reading?


Column G on the screen shot

It;s starting to switch with upstream.

The converter is bad.