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2009 Toyota Corolla - What next?

My car rattles and goes all over the road. I replaced 4 struts, rotors and stabilizer bar twice

Have you had the alignment checked? How are your tires? When where they rotated last?

A competent mechanic should inspect the front and rear suspension, they’ll find the problem. Are the tires inflated to the sticker spec? Not the number on the tire?

Thank you.

Been to mechanic several times. Left without issue and then problem returns. Been to mechanic and to dealer. Tires checked.


You are not the only one with this steering problem according to this partner site.I own an 2012 Corolla and it seems like they fix this issue because mine goes straight.

Did you replace bare strut or entire Assy? Strut mount? Your mechanic said struts were causing noise and replacing them did nothing?

This could be inner tie rods, tie rod ends, a bad steering rack, worn ball joints, or even the steering shaft that has badly worn flex joints.

I would hope that you realize how dangerous this is for you and all other drivers and pedestrians as well.

Because you have not had any luck with the mechanic or the dealer…I would make an appointment with a reputable alignment shop.
They have much more expertise in this area and at least they can point you in the right direction as to which parts should be replaced.



When a car won’t hold to a straight track and instead wanders left and right seemingly at random, where I’d start (assuming tire pressures are ok) is

  • suspension system abnormal play
  • steering system abnormal play
  • alignment (4 wheel, esp toe in)
  • unusual tire wear patterns (try swapping tires around as an experiment)
  • anything being carried in the car or modifications that would make for an unusual weight distribution?



When you are idling in the driveway, does the steering wheel seem to turn smoothly, and equally smoothly right vs left, and without any hitches? i.e. when you turn the steering wheel , takes the same turning force independent of turning angle, doesn’t seem to stick at certain angles? Not talking about turning the steering wheel fully left, then fully right. But at relatively small deviations from straight ahead.

turns with equal force.


Something in the steering column isn’t sticking anyway, that’s a good thing. You may need a replacement steering rack.


i will check on that

i really appreciate your help