2009 Toyota Camry whirring sound, dragging brakes

There is a whirring sound when I drive my 2009 Camry. Also, when I apply the brakes it sounds like they are dragging. Just had brakes put on about a month ago. Also, the warning light is on indicating low tire pressure. Had that checked too. As of this writing, no one can tell me what’s wrong with my Camry. Any suggestions.

The whirring sound might be a dust shield rubbing after the brake job, the shield can be straightened by hand. If the brake are dragging, could be the rubber brake lines need replacing.
The low tire pressure light is likely due to one ore more sensors need replacing. On many cars the in wheel sensor is powered by a battery, the battery eventual wears out. Some tire shops can test the sensors.

Are you saying that the shop that did the brakes has no idea what is wrong ?
Who are these people who can’t tell you what is wrong with your car. Also another vote for the Tire Pressure Sensors needing replaced after this much time ( I guess you did check the the tire pressure ).

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If this is the case, you are clearly asking the wrong people. People who are not good mechanics.

The tire pressure problem is an easy one. The sensors inside your tires have batteries that wear out. They wear out in about 8-12 years. You need 4 (and maybe a 5th in the spare tire) new ones. If your tires have never been replaced, replace them at the same time as 11 years is too old for tires no matter HOW much tread is left.

As for the dragging and whirring, I’d give the shop that replaced the brakes a chance to fix what might be their mistake and suggest what might be the whir. If they can’t figure it out, Google a local independent repair shop… NOT Pep Boys, NOT Les Schwab, not a major chain store and explain the problems to them.