2009 Toyota Avalon - Excess Oil consumption

excess oil consumption

Too bad, what is your question?

and your definition of excess?

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You need to provide a tiny bit of useful information to expect any help. Right now your complaint is similar to telling the doctor “I don’t feel good”. Period.

Mileage on the car, how often do you change the oil. run the car low on oil, ever raise the hood to check it, oil pressure light ever been on, and how much oil per 1000 miles is it using are some of the questions that could be asked.

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“Ask someone who owns one” strikes again…

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Suspecting that, you need to be vigilant. Be sure it’s full after getting an oil change. Look for oil dripping off the engine where you park. Check oil level every few hundred miles, often enough so you can firm up your knowledge of how much oil it is using/losing.

Don’t let it go lower than the OK level on your dipstick! I have 2 cars with over 150,000 miles. When their oil goes half way down the OK level, I top them back up carefully. You should do this, too.

After 10 years, needing to add oil is no surprise or burden.