2009 Suzuki SX4 - O2 sensor issues

Has anyone figured out what to use to protect the O2 sensor (I believe it’s the downstream one) from getting anything liquid dripped on it? My sensor keeps going bad and I figured if anyone else had this problem that they could let me know what I could do there.
Thanks in advance for any useful suggestions.

O2 sensors are sealed. If the electrical connector is letting water in, a smear of silicon RTV will seal it. It should have its own seals but they tend to degrade.

Exactly what error message are you getting that is causing you to change the sensor? The Pxxxx number is most helpful.

I think one type of O2 sensor requires an outer porous part b/c the inside part needs to be in contact with outside air for it to work. Oil dripping on the porous part of this sort of O2 sensor seems like it could indeed cause a problem.

That said, my 30 year old Corolla uses this type of O2 sensor, and it has never failed. But b/c of where it is located, it stays pretty clean, not much oil on it. From reports here anyway, not very many problems w/O2 sensors failing. They seem pretty robust.

OP, does the exterior of your O2 sensor look like it is coated w/gunk?